lone gunman theory

he saw the paper
the motorcade route
was coming right to him
in range to shoot

they found the shells
they found the gun
right there where he worked
he looked like the one

the next we heard
he’s spotted by a cop
who recognized him
and told him to stop

he turned and fired
and started to run
that proves it they said
he must be the one

but then in custody
all cuffed and caught
the suspect himself
was suddenly shot

this second murder now
so swiftly done
suspicions grew
it wasn’t just one

too big to be done
by someone so small
soon nobody bought it
no one at all

ruby cuba cia
the mob involved
the longer the list
the less got solved

was like the bullet
lodged down deep in us
where something wished forgotten
sleeps in us

that when awaked
must hunt for names to blame
to place the guilt
and lay away the shame

so we can plead
it wasn’t me but he
when well we know
the murderer’s we